I’m a dancer, choreo(grapher), and former Clinical Psychologist. Dance has been my lifelong passion. Over the years, I’ve immersed myself in various dance styles and movement techniques. Alongside my dance journey, I delved into the History and Theory of Arts, with a particular focus on dance and performance, eventually earning a degree in Group Dynamics and Leadership for Dance and Expressive Bodywork. This academic pursuit seamlessly merged with my interest in psychology, leading me to obtain a Degree in Psychology.

My unique blend of experiences has allowed me to integrate dance technique with psychological principles. I’ve dedicated years to refining this technique, using psychological methods to help others unlock their creative potential and explore the depths of their artistic abilities for art and for life.

In my choreographic work, I thrive on exploring physicality to create narratives through movement. Humor plays a vital role in all my artistic endeavors, infusing joy, sarcasm and spontaneity into my creations.

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