This classes are designed as a trampoline for dancers and movement artists, providing a safe space to explore and play with tools for their creative process in choreo(graphy) and to connect with their artist’s path. Using a mixture of dance techniques and psychology principles, I guide participants to connect with their core materials for creation. Through tasks in class and out of class, writing, and research about what moves them, I try to inspire diverse approaches to movement as choreo(graphy), fostering a professional environment for collaboration and growth in their solo or group work.

Participants are empowered to choose their approach in creating their unique movement pieces.

Workshop Highlights

Somatic tasks for heightened spatial awareness, dancing with others and proprioception.
● Instant composition tasks and group dynamics
● Discusing and creating Tools for Performance ●Training in creative decision-making to shape dance narratives.

Who Should Attend?
Dancers and multidisciplinary artists of all levels although it is recommended some
knowledge of movement

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