I recognize the challenges we dancers face when trying to find suitable training environments during recovery. That’s why my classes offer an open space where participants can feel empowered to move in a way that feels right for them. Without the pressure of pro dance classes but with the same professionalism, just at another pace. 

In this class,  analyzing and discovering our current physical capabilities and needs helps us realize that sometimes our minds play tricks on us and sometimes we need time to listen to our bodies, and discover what is possible instead of fixing in what is not.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or simply seeking a more mindful approach to dance, this unique space is designed specifically for dancers who are recovering from injuries or prolonged illnesses or just need a slower pace for training. My class provides a supportive community where you can explore movement in your body and gain valuable insights into your dance practice.


We start with somatic exercises and body awareness practices to recognize our personal anatomy, understanding that this relationship is akin to a map (anatomy) and territory (your current body). This allows you to reconnect with your body and establish a sense of presence. Following this, we delve into technical dance exercises aimed at stimulating strength, mobility, and flexibility. Our goal is to strike a balance between what is achievable and where you feel challenged, providing a space for growth and improvement. At the end of each session, we incorporate a choreographic sequence that includes adaptations to suit your unique abilities. This allows you to express yourself creatively while still respecting your body’s limitations.


Each class is specially designed with you. We talk abut your needs and train specif skills to build tailored training and solutions to physical and emotional blocking.

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